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Sophie Stanbury

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An interior designer and Instagram influencer. A former reality TV star who has featured in Ladies of London.

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Specialist Skills Sophie Stanbury- School Holidays

Interior Designer

Notable projects include The Old Vicarage, The Wentworth Estate and offices in Mayfair Sophie Stanbury- Ascot

Ladies of London

Sophie is also a former reality TV star where she featured in Ladies of London Sophie Stanbury- Flu Season

Instagram influencer

Sophie utilises Instagram to develop a personal brand where she focused on providing value-based content on lifestyle

Career Journey

To be a successful Instagram influencer, it is really important to be as genuine and authentic as you can to your followers. This is what helped Sophie Stansbury become a notable lifestyle Instagram influencer and gain exposure for her interior design company.

Image Source: @sophiestanbury

Sophie came into the public eye after featuring in season 2 of reality TV show Ladies of London back in 2017.

And while this helped her initially with her Instagram presence, it was when her followers started to ask her how she achieved her high-volume hairstyle and other lifestyle questions, she began to answer them by sharing how-to tutorials for makeup, hairstyles as well as fitness.


Image Source: @sophiestanbury


Sophie Stanbury’s Journey on Becoming an Influencer


And from there, her Instagram profile became more focused on lifestyle, fashion and family. Most notably, she uses IGTV for her tutorial videos. These videos are well-produced and edited and they drew in a significant amount of engagement. Sophie has worked with many brands as an Instagram influencer. They include IKEA, Yves Saint Laurent and Sienna Jones. And she’s also an Amazon Associate.  


When working with brands, it is important for her to only work with brands that she is passionate about and resonates with who she is and what her followers will like. 

As an influencer, Sophie acknowledges that people value her opinion so she is very selective with who she works with.

As an interior designer, Sophie specialises in contemporary classic design and has worked in both residential and commercial projects. Her notable projects include The Old Vicarage, The Wentworth Estate and offices in Mayfair. 

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Sophie is one of the influencers who provide secret tips and hacks to become an Instagram Influencer.