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Mayur Mistry

Content Writing Specialist

A seasoned creative and technical content marketing professional with over 5 years experience serving various industries, including IT, SaaS and e-Commerce.

Specialist Skills

IIEPD-International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development-0100-3024 x 4032

Content Marketing

Developed their tone of voice of a plethora of brands

IIEPD-International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development-0095-5472 x 3648


Mayur has worked with SaaS providers, e-Commerce brands and marketing agencies.

IIEPD-International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development-0098-3024 x 4032

Journalistic Research

Contributed to numerous online publications

Career Journey

Mayur is a seasoned professional creative and technical copywriter and content marketer.

With a career that has expanded over 5 years, Mayur has helped a plethora of brands from various industries to develop their tone of voice and provide informative and engaging authoritative content that allows them to establish thought leadership in their niche.

Mayur has worked with SaaS providers, e-Commerce brands, IT firms, online training institutions, automotive engine oil producers, lifestyle brands and marketing agencies.

He has also contributed to numerous online publications in careers advice, music, literature, and sports. 

He did a biochemistry degree at Aston University and his Masters in business at the University of Manchester.

On completing his education in 2010, he worked for the Manchester Medical School where he led a project for transforming the medical student placement system from a paper-based system to an online digital system.

He then worked for the National Careers Service where he was the lead in implementing an online booking system at various local careers advice organisations.

Mayur always had a passion for the written word from an early age and in 2014 he decided to explore career opportunities in writing.

This was when he discovered content writing and he immersed himself into a world of digital marketing and quickly became familiar with various digital strategies, including SEO, social media and email marketing.

Later that year, he became a full-time freelance copywriter and was then headhunted by, a content marketing agency before joining Pie Analysis as their lead content writer. 

Besides creating content for various brands, Mayur enjoys travelling, reading, playing squash, going on long walks, trying new cuisines and writing fiction.