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Magdalena Sarna

Head of Visuals

Videography expert who specialises in set design and developing the perfect environment to maximise product branding and visual appeal.

Specialist Skills

IIEPD-International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development-0088-5184 x 3456


Worked with leading social media influencers in the fashion sector

IIEPD-International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development-0072-3570 x 5355


Covered multiple Awards shows

IIEPD-International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development-0126-3894 x 5833

Content Creation

Expert in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

Career Journey

Magdalena is the Head of Visual at Pie Analysis and has a background in photography. Her specialism is in set design and creating the optimum environment to maximise branding and visual appeal.

During her university degree in Photography, she started working as a part-time freelance photographer where she worked in events, restaurants, health & beauty and fashion. As an event photographer, she covered the 2016 Asian Achievers Awards and the 2016 Birmingham Awards and she also worked with leading social media influencers in the fashion sector.

On graduating in 2016, she became a full-time freelancer and she soon developed a strong reputation for her unique sense of visual aesthetics. She took the lead in set design, lighting, fashion photo shoots and product styling. 

In late 2017, as part of her decision to seek out a new challenge, she transitioned to videography where she continued to apply her visual aesthetic principles. It was here she developed a keen interest in experimenting with different videography software.

For Magdalena, the most important factors when it comes to visual aesthetic are perspective and imagination. And with her natural ability to identify new angles and applying various creative methods to convey a brand message, she quickly became a leading expert in her field.

Magdalena is still passionate about photography, to which she still pursues during her spare time. A keen motorcyclist, she enjoys travelling to coastal regions and national parks to take in the scenery.