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Annie M.

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A fashion, lifestyle and travel Instagram influencer. Worked with Ralph Lauren, Pretty Little Thing and Mateeno.

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Specialist Skills Annie M- Red Boots

Instagram influencer

Annie M. is a fashion, lifestyle and travel Instagram influencer Annie M- WIth a burger

Brand Relations

Worked with Ralph Lauren, Pretty Little Thing and Mateeno Annie M- Pink Suit

Fashion Influencer

Her fashion-focused selfies have attracted the attention of big name brands

Career Journey

Annie always had a zeal for fashion. From a young age, she wanted to know what the latest fashion trends were and she was also interested in fashion items from her cultural background.

Image Source: @annie_m786

She began her Instagram influencer journey when she started posting fashion selfies that were taken by her husband. For Annie, a good selfie image was a result of good natural lighting, experimenting with different angles and ensuring that you are dominating the photo. 

How Annie M. Became an Instagram Influencer


While her images were drawing engagement on her Instagram profile, what really elevated her was when she became pregnant with her daughter Sofia Amel. She shared her pregnancy on Instagram and this attracted a lot of support as well as new followers. 

Image Source: @annie_M786

It was her willingness to share aspects of her family life that showed that she was a real person with values. Plus, making the decision to show her family life to her Instagram followers also helped her build trust and attract a loyal following, in particular within the Asian community. 


Image Source: @annie_M786

Her highly engaged audience caught the attention of big-name brands with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Pretty Little Thing and Mateeno. 


When she began to work with Ralph Lauren, she became the top-performing influencer for the brand. And that was simply because of the content that she produces for the platform. Annie is one of the influencers who share their stories and insights on becoming an Instagram Influencer.