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Adam Najak

Digital Marketing Specialist

Leading digital marketing specialist who has helped a plethora of B2B, B2C and NGO firms develop revenue-generating digital marketing campaigns from the ground-up.

Specialist Skills

IIEPD-International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development-0098-3024 x 4032

Digital Marketing

Successfully guided many organisations on their digital transformation journey

IIEPD-International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development-0102-4522 x 3015


Spearheaded SEO & PPC campaigns for a number of NGOs

IIEPD-International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development-0107-3874 x 4843

Instagram Marketing

Micro influencer in the Food and Fine dining niche

Career Journey

Adam Najak is a highly experienced digital marketing specialist with a background in web development and computing. Throughout his career, Adam has helped many organisations with their digital marketing efforts from the ground up and successfully guided them on their digital transformation journey, which included staff training and recruitment.

He has worked for a number of NGOs, including Orphans in Need, and he spearheaded their digital marketing campaigns including SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media to generate their donations from multiple channels. He also led their TV commercial campaigns and played a pivotal role in organising sponsored events. 

During his time at The Towel Shop, where he was Head of Marketing, he completely transformed their site and help the brand dominate the search engine results and generate multiple million pounds in revenue within two years. Prior to Adam’s arrival, The Towel Shop’s site was blacklisted due to a rogue agency implementing dated SEO strategies.

To Adam, the most critical factor in delivering successful digital marketing campaigns right across the board is user experience. Adam always strives to ensure his campaigns meet his audience’s needs. And this principle has proven to be successful on numerous occasions. 

Besides digital marketing, Adam has a keen interest in food and automotives. He also likes to travel and explore different cultures and cuisines.