Featured Tutors

All of the courses provided by IIEPD are taught by highly experienced tutors.

Rowan Row

An Instagram fashion influencer with over 1.1 million followers. Winner of the 2018 Influencer Awards Fashion Category in Monaco.

Sophie Stanbury

An interior designer and Instagram influencer. A former reality TV star who has featured in Ladies of London.

Jagoda Furtado

A fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and influencer. Worked with many big name brands including MAC, Huda Beauty and Anastasia.

Annie M.

A fashion, lifestyle and travel Instagram influencer. Worked with Ralph Lauren, Pretty Little Thing and Mateeno.

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IIEPD Certified Tutors

All of the courses provided by IIEPD are taught by highly experienced tutors.

Nathaniel Dickson

Experienced personal development coach and counsellor who adapts the Vedanta philosophy.

Magdalena Sarna

Videography expert who specialises in set design and developing the perfect environment to maximise product branding and visual appeal.

Ramiro Munoz

Post-production and cinematography specialist with a background in acting, videography, television production and broadcasting.

Angie Cropper

Editorial and social media professional with a background in photography and graphic design. Became the youngest female editor for a London-based wedding magazine.

Adam Najak

Leading digital marketing specialist who has helped a plethora of B2B, B2C and NGO firms develop revenue-generating digital marketing campaigns from the ground-up.

Umar Ali

The founder of IIEPD. An experienced tutor and business consultant, Umar specialises in business development.

Mustafa Rashid

E-Commerce expert with 10 years of experience. He has worked with a multitude of brands playing a pivotal role in branding, product concept, design and setting up inventory.

Mayur Mistry

A seasoned creative and technical content marketing professional with over 5 years experience serving various industries, including IT, SaaS and e-Commerce.

Ruhella Begum

Personal development trainer with a background in mental health support. Founder of vegan health and beauty brand Mona Living.

Advisory Board

Our board of advisers are renowned international professionals who deliver excellence in their field:

Andrew Armstrong has been working in education for nearly 20 years. He is an ALS manager for The Manchester College. The Manchester College is the largest further education college in the United Kingdom. 

HYMK are a leading provider in financial consultancy and services. Managing a host of national businesses. The company’s phenomenal success is based on its foundations of having worked in both Private and Public sectors at national and international standards.

The Kodeih Groupe owns numerous 5 star hotels around the world in addition to running many construction projects on behalf of governments. The Kodeih Group are one of the largest importers into Africa.

Over 15 years experience in Business Development, Digital Strategy, Marketing, Lead Generation, Account Management, Event Management and Publishing, having worked for a number of publishers and agencies.

The Ruia Group owns and manages a whole host of international brands, the oldest of which was established in 1876. The Ruia Group is a family controlled organisation and Charitable commitments are an important part of the Group philosophy.

Personal development trainer with a background in mental health support. Founder of vegan health and beauty brand Mona Living.

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