9 Brands That Who Are Taking Advantage of Instagram

Need some inspiration on how to use Instagram? We take a look at 9 international brands who are using Instagram to its true potential.

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With over 1 billion active users and an engagement rate that is 10x higher than Facebook, it is no wonder why there are a plethora of businesses that are on the platform.

If you’re thinking of using Instagram for your business, in this article, we take a look at 9 brands that are successfully using Instagram to their advantage.

1. Nike

Nike, the leading sports apparel brand, has 92.8m followers on Instagram. In recent years, they have seen their Instagram presence skyrocket – in 2013, they had around 2.3 million followers.

As part of their growth, Nike has been using the hashtag #justdoit to engage with its customers and to get people to talk about the brand.

The #justdoit hashtag encourages Nike’s customers to share their photos whilst using the hashtag with the potential of being to featured on Nike’s Instagram profile. This is an excellent example of taking advantage of user-generated content.

This campaign helped to motivate their customers in sports and performance and Instagram became a platform for Nike to inspire confidence of its customers.

2. Oreo

Oreo, the famous cookie brand, has been sharing different but unique ways of having their cookies.

The brand also uses Instagram for sharing DIY recipes such as Orea milkshake, cheesecake and more. It is a great way to provide value.

Oreo famously launched their Instagram presence in 2013 during the Superbowl with a memorable and humorous Superbowl commercial.

No doubt this $4 million commercial helped to jump start their Instagram presence.

3. H&M

H&M is one of the most popular brands on Instagram for the Fashionistas around the globe. The brand promotes both its models and products with short but simple captions.

But more importantly, they included their hashtag #H&M on each and every post.
Also, their #DestinationSunshine Instagram campaign helped to boost an influx online visitors to their store.

4. Louis Vuitton

With 34.3m followers on this social media platform, the brand has decorated its Instagram’s wall with images that their followers can relate with while subtly promoting their product range. Most images revolve around fashion, family and lifestyle.

Through their Instagram posts, the brand is also seen to be associated with CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives all around the world.

4. Starbucks

Along with a loyal customer base outside the social media world, the brand has been successful in creating a desire for caffeine via its Instagram feed. Their Instagram grid utilises different coloured themes and colours to make it look vibrant and visually appealling.

But more importantly, they were able to utilise user-generated content. They created a campaign that encourage their followers to design their own Starbucks mug. To which, people from all creative backgrounds shared their own unique designs, with the best ones being features on Starbuck’s Instagram account.

5. Sephora

One of the world’s largest beauty chains, Sephora is filling its Instagram feeds with creative images of its product’s.

But what helped Sephora grow their Instagram presence is the campaign that they did with their followers.

Sephora asked their followers to tag a friend in their post through their competition “I Want It, I Win It Sweepstakes”. This would allow Sephora to enhance their brand awareness but also raise the brand awareness of the follower who tagged them.
Through various engagement strategies, they have been able to attract 18.4m followers to their Instagram account.

6. Taco Bell

The changing sphere of digital marketing and growing inclination towards Instagram has also urged Taco Bell to attract followers on the platform and cut through its competitors. 

In the case of Taco Bell, it is not the number of followers, but the level at which the customers are interacting. For attracting followers, Taco Bell uses humour along with creativity for presenting different contents on the social media page. The brand is famous on Instagram for using crazy ideas for attracting the Youth, their target audience.

Their Instagram feeds can get more creative than this:

7. Dove

Dove, a personal care brand of UK, has used Instagram to attract and enhance the base of its female followers by helping them feel empowered and confident.
Dove has created a hashtag campaign called #RealBeauty. And this campaign helped to spread the core message of diversity across Instagram towards their target audience. 

Another successful campaign that they have conducted was the #SelfEsteemProject, which encourage women to be more positive and realise their true potential.

Here is one of the posts from this campaign:

8. Sharpie

The famous manufacturer of Pens from Atlanta, Georgia, have created an intriguing Instagram account that uses creative pictures of pens. Their digital marketing team has managed to reach a large base of customers by using its Instagram account. Here is a quick peek into their account:

9. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

This American Ice-cream manufacturer has managed to promote its brand on Instagram by posting ways you can use their ice-creams to make quirky desserts.

Here is a screenshot of one of the videos that were uploaded by Ben & Jerry’s:

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Inspiration

The purpose of this article is to give you some ideas and inspiration.

It is important to keep in mind that Instagram is a visual platform. And you really should see it as a blank canvas. We encourage you to explore and experiment with different kinds of content and campaign, that way you will be able to pinpoint a strategy that will work.

Indeed, some of the ideas in this post are tried-and-tested so you can use the strategy and tailor it to your audience.

For more ideas, feel free to look at what your competitors are doing.

If you’d like to take full advantage of the platform, you should sign up to our CPD accredited Instagram marketing course called Influencers Teach Instagram.

This one-of-a-kind course is taught by leading Instagram influencers such as award-winning men’s fashion influencer Rowan Row (over 1.1 million followers) and leading creative makeup artist and influencer Jagoda Furtado (over 275k followers).

For more information, please get in contact with us today.

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