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Social Media Marketing

What is Mass Looking on Instagram?

Mass Looking is an emerging trend that allows you to view multiple Stories to help you grow Instagram account. But is this a viable tactic, or is it frowned upon?

Influencer Marketing

Instagram Likes Are Going – Now What?

Instagram likes will be going soon. It’s already removed in 7 countries, including the US. But what does mean for influencer marketing?

Social Media Marketing

How to Make Instagram Stories That Captivate

Instagram stories have become embedded in our daily culture, which means bland stories will no longer cut it! Learn how to make your story posts captivate.

Social Media Marketing

9 Instagram Growth Strategies

Improving your presence on Instagram can help you attract a more engaged audience. Get to know these 9 Instagram strategies that will help you grow.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing vs Instagram Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media apps. But out of the two, which platform should your brand pick for your marketing efforts?