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Influencers Teach Instagram

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Internationally recognised influencers and leading marketing experts share their exclusive insights and tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

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  • Live performance reports
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  • Influencer Agency Network
  • Marketing audit & guidance
  • Key modules & topics of the main course to review
  • Exclusive invites to events

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£50.00 - £250.00 per sale

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£65 Affiliate Activation Bonus +

£10 Per Affiliate Referred

Average 10% Commission Rate

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to World-Class Digital Marketing Resources

Up to £250 Pre Sale

Using your unique coupon or link you can earn £50 to £250 per sale, we will also help you with promotion along the way

£65 Activation Bonus

We reward you for getting started add a banner your site & review the course for a £65 Activation Bonus

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Know someone who would be a great fit to promote IIEPD get then to join the Ambassadors programme & earn £10 per successful referral

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Brand Ambassador Launch Kit

Receive up-to-date marketing assets and press packs through our Ambassador Launch Kit.

Personal Growth Assessment

Get a personalised growth assessment to support your business growth

Exclusive Access to Paid Client Work

Gain the opportunity to work alongside some of biggest brands such as Calvin Klein, ITV & Hugo Boss

Exclusive Invites to Events

Receive early access and exclusive invites to marketing events and productions.

Join our influencers

As they share their own tips and strategies that helped them grow on Instagram

Internationally recognised influencers and marketing experts share their exclusive insights with easy step-by-step tips that you won’t find anywhere else. 

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Unlimited Commissions

By becoming an affiliate for IIEPD, you’re in good hands. We take great pride in looking for new opportunities that benefits our members.  

We have 19 courses in the pipeline with many upsell opportunities for our affiliates to increase their revenue. Giving you even more options to make more money.

You will be paid directly to your agreed payment provider or bank without hassle. All payments are made after 30 days of completion.  

Exclusive Access to Marketing Strategies

As part of the many perks of being a part of the IIEPD family, you will get first access to the opportunities and resources that we use for our marketing strategy.

We work with leading brands and service providers that help us to deliver various effective campaigns and marketing strategies.

Free Training & Development

When you sign up, you will get free access to a bespoke Ambassador’s Mini Course. 

This course will allow you to understand the true value that IIEPD is offering to our learners and our members.

Also, you will gain access to key growth units and continuous updates. 

Exclusive Invites to Events

IIEPD are affiliated to a whole host of networks that is centred around business development and digital marketing. We also work in partnership with various businesses of different sizes.

We regularly host exclusive programs and events, including conferences and webinars. And as an affiliate, you will get exclusive invites to these events.

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When you become an affiliate for IIEPD, we will give you all the assets to help you promote IIEPD. And they’re easily accessible.

Assets include website banners, social banners and even Ad banners.

If required, and where viable, we can even create custom banners or assets to help you in selling. Also, you will given training and development opportunities to help you up skill yourself.

Paid Promotion Opportunities

To support our Ambassadors, IIEPD will help you boost your online presence through sponsored ad opportunities, this includes Facebook ads, Instagram ads and Google ads. 

Personal Growth Assessment

In helping our IIEPD affiliates succeed, we provide an in-depth analysis of your business and identify key growth areas in the form of a personal growth assessment.

This report is usually worth £500 and it enables you to plan and forecast your KPIs. The assessment also covers SEO analysis (both on-site and off-site), SERPS as well as an analysis of your brand’s performance on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. We also give you exclusive industry insider information. 


How much can you earn as an IIEPD Ambassador?

No of Sales

1 sale

2 - 5 sales

5 - 10 sales

10 - 20 sales

20 - 30 sales

30 - 50 sales

Potential commission

£50 - £250

£500 - £1,250

£500 - £2,500

£1,000 - £5,000

£1,500 - £7,500

£2,500 - £12,500

Based on an average of performance across the course bands

Are you a

Want to see your audience grow and make money working with brands you love?

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Get access to our Exclusive Influencer Network where you can earn directly from huge brands.

Ever wondered how some of the leading influencers grew their Instagram profile organically to over a million followers? And how they earn money working for the biggest brands in the world?

These are questions that we’ve been asked countless times. And now, you will finally get your answers and learn how you can become your own Instagram influencer.

As part of our influencer network, you will:

  • Work with some of the biggest brands like Diesel, Ralph Lauren, IKEA & Anastasia Beverley Hills.
  • Earn commission through promoting and selling their products and services through our private networks.
  • Attract an audience that values what you have to say and are extremely loyal to you.
  • Gain new followers as you develop. No need to buy followers.
  • Create content that attracts authentic engagement.
  • See your inbox filled with endless opportunities to work with exciting products and get featured in our leading media outlets and networks.

Get paid to work with Brands you love!

Become an Affiliate

Earn While You Learn

Continuous income

up to £250 per sale

average 10% commission - UNLIMITED commission

Limited Time Only


  • Up to £250 per sale
  • We help you improve & grow
  • Live performance reports
  • Option for paid promotions
  • Access to ready-made assets
  • Influencer Agency Network
  • Marketing audit & guidance
  • Key modules & topics of the main course to review
  • Exclusive invites to events


Influencers Teach Instagram

Grow your business and advance your career with this in-depth Instagram marketing course.

Taught by leading influencers and highly experienced marketers who share their insights and tips that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Meet the Influencers

Rowan Row
Teaches Instagram

1.1 M Followers

Verified Account

21k Subscribers

An Instagram fashion influencer with over 1.1 million followers. Winner of the 2018 Influencer Awards Fashion Category in Monaco.

Rowan has worked with some of the world's largest brands

Sophie Stanbury
Teaches Instagram

134 K Followers

Verified Account

TV Star

Lifestyle influencer who has worked with Ikea, Nutella, Fabfitfun, Lowengrip, Cosmetics à la Carte. Also collaborated with Sienna Jones to design a dress that was worn by Princess Eugenie on her engagement. Former reality TV star that featured in Ladies of London. Professional independent interior designer.

Sophie has worked with some of the world's largest brands & a current ambassador of IKEA

Jagoda Furtado
Teaches Instagram

275 K Followers

15k Subscribers

Make-up artist

A fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and influencer. Worked with many big name brands including MAC, Huda Beauty and Anastasia.

Jagoda has worked with some of the world's largest brands

Annie M.
Teaches Instagram

74 K Followers

High Engagement

Top Performing Influencer

A fashion, lifestyle and travel Instagram influencer. Worked with Ralph Lauren, Pretty Little Thing, Max Mara, Harvey Nichols, Mateeno etc.

Annie has worked with some of the world's largest brands

more than just a training provider

We want to help influencers and businesses grow through our networks of international brands and  proven data strategies.

When you enrol on a course with IIEPD, and you successfully complete Level 2, you gain access to our world-class digital marketing networks & resources.

Exclusive Access to:

  • Level 1, 2 & 3 + CPD Certificate
  • Student Support Forum
  • PDP Training Worth £500 INCLUDED
  • Continuous updates as IG rules change
  • More Units Added Regularly Delivered By Influencers & Industry Experts
  • Case Studies Of Businesses Growth Models
  • Option To Have Sessions With Influencers (Limited seats)
  • Advance PPC Training Sessions
  • Entry to Exclusive Private Mastermind / Business Groups (usually £1,000 - £25,000)
  • Free Access To Influencer Agency Network
    (usually £99 - £349+ per month)
  • Access To Business Relation Platform
    (usually £99 - £349+ per month)
  • FREE Access To Webinars Delivered By International Businesses To Give You Early knowledge Of Market Entry
    (usually £29 - £99+ per session)

Get your questions answered

by our influencers & Tutors

Rowan Row

An Instagram fashion influencer with over 1.1 million followers. Winner of the 2018 Influencer Awards Fashion Category in Monaco.

Sophie Stanbury

An interior designer and Instagram influencer. A former reality TV star who has featured in Ladies of London.

Jagoda Furtado

A fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and influencer. Worked with many big name brands including MAC, Huda Beauty and Anastasia.

Annie M.

A fashion, lifestyle and travel Instagram influencer. Worked with Ralph Lauren, Pretty Little Thing and Mateeno.

Angie Cropper

Editorial and social media professional with a background in photography and graphic design. Became the youngest female editor for a London-based wedding magazine.

Ramiro Munoz

Post-production and cinematography specialist with a background in acting, videography, television production and broadcasting.

Magdalena Sarna

Videography expert who specialises in set design and developing the perfect environment to maximise product branding and visual appeal.

Nathaniel Dickson

Experienced personal development coach and counsellor who adapts the Vedanta philosophy.

This Course is perfect for you if:

  • You want to professionalise yourself or your brand.
  • You want to enter the mainstream business arena.
  • You want to work with some of the biggest brands with the likes of JD, Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Misguided etc.
  • You want to grow your authority and recognition in alignment with the highest performers in your niche.
  • You want to become a leading figure in your niche, but you’re not too sure where to start.
  • You add value and you're incredible at what you do. You just have to figure out how to convert your audience.
  • You want access to easy-to-follow solutions and avoid wasting your time.
  • You want to learn how to grow your following organically and have an engaged audience, without using bots or having to buy followers.
  • You’re willing to spend time nurturing a strong relationship with your followers who value your opinion.
  • You’re prepared to pursue your passion, put in the work and scale up your brand or business to the next level.

Learn On The Go With IIEPD

Learn Anywhere

Access IIEPD wherever you are in the world

Any place, Any time

With IIEPD, you can learn in your own time and at your own pace

Apps & Online

Learn on iOS, Android, Mac, PC & Smart TV's

In-Depth Handouts

Our Handouts & Worksheets are packed with detailed information

Influencers Teach Instagram

Lesson Plan


Level 1 – Core Features

Introduction to level 1

Core Features of Instagram

Learn how to download and set up your Instagram account Familiarise with Instagram’s user interface Discover tips on how to protect your account Know how to upload photo and video content onto Instagram Become familiar with Instagram Story features Add and manage multiple accounts Understand Instagram’s Direct Message feature Know how to find and follow users on Instagram Learn how to set notifications to your requirements

Setting Up Your Instagram For Business

Learn why you should switch to a Professional Instagram Account and how Get to know the two types of professional accounts: Creator and Business Find out why you need to pick a niche Know how to pick a niche and find key accounts in this niche Learn how to change your niche on your Instagram profile

Branding and Aesthetics

Understand why branding and aesthetics is key to Instagram marketing Learn how to optimise Instagram profile to resonate with your brand Get to know how to write the perfect bio Know how to use the Sitelink to your advantage Know why choosing content theme for your Instagram is important


Level 2 – Content Strategy & Growth

Introduction to Level 2

Instagram Posts

Learn how to take a good photo for Instagram

Become familiar Instagram photo editing tools

Discover the type of content you can posts

Understand Instagram’s Aspect Ratio and Image Sizes

Know how to maximise the caption area

Instagram Stories

Get to know what kind of content you can post to Instagram Stories

Learn what Instagram Story link sharing feature “Swipe Up” is and how to access it

Find out how to direct web traffic without “Swipe Up”

Discover various Instagram Story tips and hacks

Understand how to use Instagram Live

Learn how to create a Highlight Reel


Understand what IGTV is and how to create your channel

Learn how brands are using IGTV

Familiarise with IGTV best practices

Content Schedule

Understand why you need a content schedule

Learn how to create consistent content for your content schedule

Organic Outreach and Growth

Understand the importance of hashtags

Learn how to use hashtags on Instagram posts, stories and IGTV

Get to know why engagement is so important on Instagram

Discover how to build engagement through Shoutouts

Learn how to nurture a relationship with the accounts you’re following

Understand why follow-nofollow and bots don’t work with Instagram

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Know what is Instagram influencer marketing

Discover how to find and approach influencers

Learn how to work with influencers

Understand the costings of working with an influencer


Level 3 – Advance Instagram Marketing

Introduction to Level 3

Advanced Instagram Strategies

Learn how the Instagram algorithm works

Understand Instagram SEO and how the Alt Text works

Get to know tips on writing effective Alt Text for Instagram SEO

Sponsored Posts (Instagram Ads)

Understand why you should invest in sponsored posts

Know how much Instagram ads costs

Learn how to set up sponsored posts for Instagram

Discover the type of ads you can create

Know how to set ad placements

Instagram eCommerce

Get to know Instagram Checkout

Learn how to set up Instagram Shopping with Facebook Store

Discover how to boost sales through Instagram

How to Become an Influencer

Learn how you can become an Instagram influencer by Instagram influencers

Familiarise with Instagram influencer best practices

Know how to verify your Instagram account

Complementary Professional Development Program

Watch Now

Influencers Teach Instagram comes with a FREE PDP Training worth £500. You will learn new skills and strengthen existing qualities to support you throughout the program.

The Course will cover:

  • The Person-Centred Approach by Dr Carl Rogers
  • Johari Window that will allow you to identify your traits, strengths and any rooms for improvement. Become familiar with the four areas: known to you & not others; known to others & not you; hidden from others, and hidden from yourself and others.
  • Maslows Hierarchy of needs to self-actualisation
  • Circles of influence and its parameters
  • Your personal attention spans and development areas
  • Market growths and key areas for alignment
  • Time keeping - In relation to a whole holistic agenda
  • Management - Self, peers & key persons of influence
  • Visualisation and realistic SMART targets
  • Persona of self and reception of others
  • CEO, Manager & Leadership roles
  • Team development through various professional research and commissions
  • Local, national & global opportunities
  • Additional topics will be covered in webinars & meetups

Become an Affiliate

Earn While You Learn

Continuous income

up to £250 per sale

average 10% commission - UNLIMITED commission

Limited Time Only


  • Up to £250 per sale
  • We help you improve & grow
  • Live performance statistics
  • Option for paid promotion
  • Access to ready-made assets
  • Influencer Agency Network
  • Marketing audit & guidance
  • Key modules & topics of the main course to review
  • Exclusive invites to events