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Frequently Asked Questions

IIEPD provide GMCC & CPD Certified in-depth and comprehensive training in both digital marketing & professional development.

What is IIEPD?

IIEPD is a unique approach to learning digital marketing. Not only will you learn from industry experts, professionals who are actually achieving at the highest level.

IIEPD has teamed up with educationalists, tutors and International Businesses to offer a whole holistic approach to growing your brand or business.

IIEPD has gained it’s proven track record by delivering training programs to Universities, Colleges, Schools and Private Businesses.
Members of the British Chamber of Commerce as well as members ofother internationally recognised Business Groups.

All courses are accredited by Continuous Professional Development ( CPD)

Where is IIEPD based?

IIEPD HQ is based in the highly recognised Digital Hub The Sharp Project Manchester. The Sharp Project is like a Silicon Valley based in the North West.Home to amazing international brands such of JD, Footasylum as well TV & Radio companies.

A lot of UKs highly recognised films are filmed through The Sharp Project like Peaky Blinders etc.

What type of Courses do IIEPD Provide?

IIEPD deliver a whole host of training programs both online and offline in the business niche.

Some of the professional courses are learning Facebook, Instagram , Web development, Graphic Design, Photography, SEO , PPC, Social media, personal and professional development etc

The IIEPD Team have delivered Training to Schools Colleges Universities as well as national and international brands.

Where can the course take me once I graduate?

All courses are designed and developed through in depth discussions and collaborations to offer the best practice for industry.

Once completed you will have the opportunity to work with mainstream companies or implement your skills to grow Businesses

Who are the IIEPD Tutors?

The tutors at IIEPD have all been selected specifically to meet industry requirements.

Our in house team are from 5 broad niches

1. Education – each tutor have over 20 years experience in teaching and education research and development. For The Manchester College ( UKs largest education provider ) The Lancaster University, The Manchester University as well as private education providers.

2. Web development – our in house team are highly skilled technicians all with Degrees and years of industry experience.

3. Graphic Design – All Qualified and hold degrees in Media and Design

4. Photography – Our in house team of photographers both hold photography Degrees.

5. The Digital Marketing Team have years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation , Pay Per Click , Serps , Social Media Marketing. Working with some of the biggest global brands. Generating Millions of pounds in sales etc.

6. Business Development – IIEPD Teams Board of advisors are all veterans in international business. Owning companies worth £100s of Millions of pounds.
Please see board of advisors for more information.

Who are on the board of advisers for IIEPD?

The board of advisors have all been hand selected to offer the best value for the IIEPD community. They are all veterans to global business, education and training.

Within their own specialisms are owners of international businesses generating £150,000,000 million pounds plus others own international manufacturing companies as well as a whole array of Businesses in different countries and niches. Our education advisors work with mainstream internationally recognised organisations such as colleges and universities.

The IIEPD are also members of international chambers and a whole host of Business Networks.

All this has been set up to provide something that other training companies do not provide.

Who founded the IIEPD?

IIEPD was founded by a team of educators, entrepreneurs and business owners. IIEPD has been set up after identifying a gap in the market with regards to the lack of success achieved by individuals and business staff who enrolled on self taught courses with very little educational support which is an imperative requirement of implication. With fours years of research and analysis IIEPD has launched to provide a tried and tested holistic approach that is commonly found in mainstream governed education.

Where can I find Reviews on IIEPD?

IIEPD reviews can be found on the website, Facebook & Google.

IIEPD is now on its first month of launch and more reviews are coming soon if you have any questions please contact support@iiepd.com

Can I join the IIEPD?

IIEPD is an open platform for anyone wishing to enhance their digital or business skills.

There are currently no job vacancies, please check vacancies or contact support@iiepd.com

Where can I find Discount or voucher Codes?

Discount codes and vouchers with various Influencers, affiliates and business partners.

Who creates the Courses? Tutors or Institutions?

All the courses developed by IIEPD are a culmination of data results from various institutes, beta programmes and case studies. Highlighting the need for each course.

When a need becomes apparent the IIEPD research team consults and collaborates with relevant businesses or education providers to create bespoke course s tailored to create solutions.

What is the success rate?

As IIEPD is derived from international standards success rates are a very important factor to The IIEPD. Just like mainstream education The IIEPD team sets a benchmark of 95% success rates.

Are there going to be more courses?

The IIEPD team have currently launched their first course, Influencers teach Instagram which is a broad course covering Instagram and digital marketing. There are 19 courses in the pipeline with various bespoke tailor made courses for businesses or individuals for more information contact support@iiepd.com

How long are the courses?

Each course is self taught and paced at the personal learning of each individual. Some people may find that they can complete a course in 4 weeks. The courses have been designed to get it’s learners to market as soon as possible. All learners will have to years acces to all courses irrelevant of how fast a learner completes the course.

Courses are continuously updated to keep IIEPD learners upto and ahead of industry standards and beyond.

Is there Homework?

All courses have recommended tasks allocated to enhance skills of its learners, all recommended tasks are optional.

Has anyone completed the course?

There are many learners over the years who have achieved great successes for themselves, their companies and their own businesses. Some of the learners gained great experience and value added from IIEPD training while being students at colleges, universities and employment.

How do I take an IIEPD course?

All courses are very easy to enroll in just visit the website and follow the simple instructions. Once application is completed you will receive instant confirmation and access to your chosen course.

How long do I have to complete a IIEPD course?

All courses are self paced learning you can complete any course according to your needs.

Is there a way to preview a course?

There is an option to access an exclusive preview here

Is there an assessment or test?

There are no formal assessments or examinations.

There are options to have initial assessments and bespoke assessments which are to highlight learning styles, business plans and business growth opportunities to help learners achieve the best opportunities for success in their learning and business.

What type of devices / Apps can i learn on?

The IIEPD courses can be accessed through the EDX platform through the website, Android or iOS apps

Where can I take the course from?

You can access the courses from any platform computer or mobile device.

Can I download the videos?

The IIEPD courses are bespoke courses only accessible through our regulated platforms.

What do IIEPD courses include?

IIEPD courses are all designed with the unique person centred approach through spiral learning.
Each course is designed with a holistic view.
1. Knowledge Growth Opportunities
2. Industry Expertise
3. Practical Industry Case studies
4. Professional Development Coaches / Tutors to support you every step of your Journeys.
5. Bonus Lessons to strengthen your success

Am I able to interact with my instructor?

Most definitely. As a community we pride ourselves on being there for you. We have opportunities to share and learn from a whole host of interactions. Such as webinars , offline bookings and even 1:1 bespoke support.

How much does the course cost?

Courses are all designed to be amazing value for each cohort and level.

We have standard prices for each course. There are also bespoke pricing for bespoke training. Please contact support@iiepd.com for further details

Is IIEPD a scam? Is it Worth the Money?

IIEPD is a British Company who has affiliations with recognised international education establishments and government agencies.

All courses are CPD Certified.

All courses prices are designed to be amazing value for its learners.
For bespoke payment plans where applicable please contact support@iiepd.com

Are IIEPD a legitimate company?

The IIEPD is a limited company registered in the UK. The IIEPD works under British Law.

For businesses registration an any legal questions please contact support@iiepd.com