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Jagoda Furtado

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Internationally recognised influencers and leading marketing experts share their exclusive insights and tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Over 120 in-depth video lessons, with bonus handouts & continuous updates as Instagram rules & algorithm evolve.

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2 years unlimited access includes entry into our Influencer Agencey Network, Business Relation Platform & PDP training worth £500

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IIEPD provides exclusive access to world-class digital marketing resources, including FREE access to both the Influencer Network and Business Relation Platform as well as subsidised support & services through Pie Analysis Digital Agency

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Get access to PDP training worth £500. Our trainers are passionate industry specialists with up-to-date knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends. We continuously work with leading colleges, universities & teaching specialists.

120+ Lessons

Over 120= in-depth video lessons, continuously updated as Instagram rules & algorithm evolve.

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Detailed workbooks with additional materials and exclusive insights from leading influencers

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First access to Advance Training Sessions in new and trending digital marketing skills

Case Studies

Case Studies Of Businesses Growth Models & how the biggest brands of the industry keep their Instagram fresh and relevant

Lesson Plan

IIEPD provide GMCC & CPD Certified in-depth and comprehensive training in both digital marketing & professional development.

Level 1 – Core Features of Instagram

Core Features of Instagram

Setting Up Your Instagram For Business

Branding and Aesthetics

Level 2 – Content Strategy & Growth

Instagram Posts


Content Schedule

Organic Outreach and Growth

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Level 3 – Advance Instagram Marketing

Advanced Instagram Strategies

Sponsored Posts (Instagram Ads)

Instagram eCommerce

How to Become an Influencer


Iza Peters
Iza Peters
Learner Support Manchester College & Business Owner
Read More
The IIEPD have been absolutely amazing! My overall learning experience when I studied the Instagram marketing course has been second-to-none. The course was in depth, engaging and with it being a person-centred educational institution, I was able to study in a way that best suited me.
Liverpool University
Read More
Just completed the Instagram course and I loved every minute of it. The modules and lessons were well-structured, and the tutorial videos are simply excellent. Can’t fault it. Definitely got my money’s worth. My favourite aspect of the whole experience was being able to learn at my own pace.
Jo B
Jo B
CEO Viceroy Group
Read More
The IIEPD team are absolutely amazing. The customer support and care is second to none. I always turn to them for all my digital needs. I highly recommend them.
Salma Atcha
Salma Atcha
Avanta Enterprise
Read More
Thank you so much IIEPD! I completed their Instagram marketing course two months ago, and I am already seeing an increase in engagement and my organic following is steadily increasing. They’re straight-to-the-point, honest and they’re teaching is centred around my own unique learning style.
F Shotton
F Shotton
CEO Frederick Apps
Read More
Amazing guy Umar and his team. Always a pleasure to learn from.
Mo Bobat
Mo Bobat
Marketing Executive British Wholesale
Read More
We are a national online company that sees digital marketing as the lifeline pof our business. The IIEPD teams training and development has been pivotal in our business growth. I highly recommend IIEPD to all everyone.
Adam Najak
Adam Najak
Marketing Manager
Read More
This is the most in-depth Instagram Training Course in the world
Samuel Etien
CEO Noah Finances & Construction
Read More
The IIEPD are amazing. they genuinely care about my business and the advise and training is excellent. Being in construction and interior design social media is now an important strategy for any business. i highly recommend IIEPD.
Nathan Hickey
CEO Fish4Tees
Read More
Umar and the IIEPD are amazing. Whenever I have a business enquiry regarding anything at all. I always run it past the IIEPD team. Their knowledge of industry always amazes me. A great team

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  • Case Studies Of Businesses Growth Models
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  • FREE Access To Webinars Delivered By International Businesses (usually £99+ per session)
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meet the influencers

As they share their own tips and strategies that helped them grow their Instagram presence

Internationally recognised influencers and leading marketing experts share their exclusive insights and easy step by step tips that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Rowan Row

An Instagram fashion influencer with over 1.1 million followers. Winner of the 2018 Influencer Awards Fashion Category in Monaco.

Sophie Stanbury

An interior designer and Instagram influencer. A former reality TV star who has featured in Ladies of London.

Jagoda Furtado

A fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and influencer. Worked with many big name brands including MAC, Huda Beauty and Anastasia.

Annie M.

A fashion, lifestyle and travel Instagram influencer. Worked with Ralph Lauren, Pretty Little Thing and Mateeno.

Angie Cropper

Editorial and social media professional with a background in photography and graphic design. Became the youngest female editor for a London-based wedding magazine.

Ramiro Munoz

Post-production and cinematography specialist with a background in acting, videography, television production and broadcasting.

Magdalena Sarna

Videography expert who specialises in set design and developing the perfect environment to maximise product branding and visual appeal.

Nathaniel Dickson

Experienced personal development coach and counsellor who adapts the Vedanta philosophy.

Influencers Teach Instagram

Lesson Plan


Level 1 – Core Features

Introduction to level 1

Core Features of Instagram

Learn how to download and set up your Instagram account

Familiarise with Instagram’s user interface

Discover tips on how to protect your account

Know how to upload photo and video content onto Instagram

Become familiar with Instagram Story features

Add and manage multiple accounts

Understand Instagram’s Direct Message feature

Know how to find and follow users on Instagram

Learn how to set notifications to your requirements

Setting Up Your Instagram For Business

Learn why you should switch to a Professional Instagram Account and how

Get to know the two types of professional accounts: Creator and Business

Find out why you need to pick a niche

Know how to pick a niche and find key accounts in this niche

Learn how to change your niche on your Instagram profile

Branding and Aesthetics

Understand why branding and aesthetics is key to Instagram marketing

Learn how to optimise Instagram profile to resonate with your brand

Get to know how to write the perfect bio

Know how to use the Sitelink to your advantage

Know why choosing content theme for your Instagram is important


Level 2 – Content Strategy & Growth

Introduction to Level 2

Instagram Posts

Learn how to take a good photo for Instagram

Become familiar Instagram photo editing tools

Discover the type of content you can posts

Understand Instagram’s Aspect Ratio and Image Sizes

Know how to maximise the caption area

Instagram Stories

Get to know what kind of content you can post to Instagram Stories

Learn what Instagram Story link sharing feature “Swipe Up” is and how to access it

Find out how to direct web traffic without “Swipe Up”

Discover various Instagram Story tips and hacks

Understand how to use Instagram Live

Learn how to create a Highlight Reel


Understand what IGTV is and how to create your channel

Learn how brands are using IGTV

Familiarise with IGTV best practices

Content Schedule

Understand why you need a content schedule

Learn how to create consistent content for your content schedule

Organic Outreach and Growth

Understand the importance of hashtags

Learn how to use hashtags on Instagram posts, stories and IGTV

Get to know why engagement is so important on Instagram

Discover how to build engagement through Shoutouts

Learn how to nurture a relationship with the accounts you’re following

Understand why follow-nofollow and bots don’t work with Instagram

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Know what is Instagram influencer marketing

Discover how to find and approach influencers

Learn how to work with influencers

Understand the costings of working with an influencer


Level 3 – Advance Instagram Marketing

Introduction to Level 3

Advanced Instagram Strategies

Learn how the Instagram algorithm works

Understand Instagram SEO and how the Alt Text works

Get to know tips on writing effective Alt Text for Instagram SEO

Sponsored Posts (Instagram Ads)

Understand why you should invest in sponsored posts

Know how much Instagram ads costs

Learn how to set up sponsored posts for Instagram

Discover the type of ads you can create

Know how to set ad placements

Instagram eCommerce

Get to know Instagram Checkout

Learn how to set up Instagram Shopping with Facebook Store

Discover how to boost sales through Instagram

How to Become an Influencer

Learn how you can become an Instagram influencer by Instagram influencers

Familiarise with Instagram influencer best practices

Know how to verify your Instagram account