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Yusuf Ali

Social Media Marketing

What is Mass Looking on Instagram?

Mass Looking is an emerging trend that allows you to view multiple Stories to help you grow Instagram account. But is this a viable tactic, or is it frowned upon?

Influencer Marketing

How to Become an Influencer

fluencers are fast becoming one of the most sought-after job roles on the planet, but how do you do it? We show the key steps you need to take.

Influencer Marketing

Instagram Likes Are Going – Now What?

Instagram likes will be going soon. It’s already removed in 7 countries, including the US. But what does mean for influencer marketing?


SEO vs. PPC: What is More Effective?

Which is better? SEO or PPC? Both channels provide opportunities for generating traffic and increasing revenue. But which should you invest in first?

Social Media Marketing

How to Make Instagram Stories That Captivate

Instagram stories have become embedded in our daily culture, which means bland stories will no longer cut it! Learn how to make your story posts captivate.